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Hello Everybody!  It’s nice to have you here from TGIFF, I am the host this week and glad you stopped by!

Today I’m sharing a quilt I finished up this week that I will be teaching at A Touch of Thread in Zanesville, Ohio during October.  The quilt is now hanging there and is the pattern, “Afternoon Delight” by Elisa’s Backporch Design.  I was surprised at how quickly the quilt came together – I got it pieced in one day! – and love the fall colors to it.

I quilted it on my Gammill and used a new panto I got from Willow Leaf Studio called Autumn Oaks.

The top thread Superior Threads So Fine #728 – it’s variegated – and I used Superior Threads Omni #3035 in on the bottom.

The backing is hand dyed batik flannel from Sew Batik and I am absolutely in love with it!  I washed it prior to quilting with Synthrapol and it is soooooo soft!

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Snowflakes and Such

I finished up this quilt last week and dropped it off to the owner yesterday.  This was the first quilt she has EVER made, can you believe it?!  This is a variation on my Jolly Holly quilt and she made it last year when I taught the class at A Touch of Thread.

I took over my sampler quilt (I’ll share more about this next week) and she picked out the designs she wanted.  She decided she wanted snowflakes in the outer border, vines in the inner border, overall meandering in the body of the quilt, and stitch-in-the-ditch around the snowflakes with tight meandering in the white background.

Megan Ziegler Cherry Valley Designs Longarm Quilting

Megan Ziegler Cherry Valley Designs Longarm Quilting

Megan Ziegler Cherry Valley Designs Longarm Quilting

Megan Ziegler Cherry Valley Designs Longarm Quilting

A few weeks ago I started working at A Touch of Thread one day a week to help out and have had the opportunity to “test drive” the Ellisimo by Baby Lock.  Wow!  All I can say is now I know how people feel who drive cadillacs … LOL ๐Ÿ™‚  Anyways, I decided to make a matching pillowcase to go with this quilt and try out machine embroidery – something I’ve never tried.  It was a lot of fun and a nice surprise for Rose.

Megan Ziegler Cherry Valley Designs Longarm Quilting

Thanks Rose for letting me quilt your quilt!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Finish It Up Friday + Binding Tutorial

Happy Friday Everybody!  Today I wanted to show you the finished quilt from last week’s “Life’s A Charm” series.  You can click here to read more.

Cherry Valley Designs Binding Tutorial

I did an easy all over block design on this quilt which was a lot of fun, it was a new design for me and it doesn’t take away from the busyness of the quilt.  However, for the binding I wanted to try a new technique I learned a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d pass the tutorial on to all of you.  I learned about this a few weeks ago at a machine quilting guild I belong to.  With this technique, you put the entire binding on by machine.  While I’m sure many of you know about this, for those of you who don’t I hope this helps a bit.

First, make your binding the way you normally would.  Mine is 2 1/2″ wide and I fold it in half and then press.  A little trick is to use an old coffee can and put it in while you’re ironing, that way it doesn’t fall all over the floor and you can just pull it out easily as you’re stitching it down.  This has been a lifesaver for me.

Cherry Valley Designs Binding Tutorial

Once your binding is prepared, attach your binding like you normally would with the raw edge of the binding matched to the raw edge of the quilt, but make sure you sew it to the back of the quilt.

Cherry Valley Designs Binding Tutorial

Then … you need to cut off the excess at the beginning and end of your binding on the diagonal and do the final sew down.

Cherry Valley Designs Binding Tutorial

A tip of mine is to take a picture of positioning the ends correctly, taking a picture, printing it and keeping it at my sewing machine.  This way, when it’s time to do this, you have an easy reference.  I was always getting mixed up and ended up twisting all my ends every which way.  Now I have a nice visual to clue me in … no more frustrations!

Cherry Valley Designs Binding Tutorial

Finally, pull the front of your binding around to the front (make sure your top thread matches your binding!) and stitch down with the blind stitch.

Cherry Valley Designs Binding Tutorial

This was the first time I’ve tried it myself and it went pretty smoothly with the exception that my machine doesn’t allow a stitch to have a mirror image.  So when I used the blind hem stitch I had to push the whole body of my quilt into the machine so the stitch was facing the right way.

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Have a Wonderful Weekend!

July: Life’s A Charm – "X" Marks the Spot

Hi Everybody! For all of our US friends, we hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  This would be the reason why we’re a little late in getting our Life’s a Charm out, along with the fact that I’ve been sick the past few days and have been operating at a slower speed.  Did you do anything fun to celebrate?  We visited Gettysburg and I cooked a big meal for our family – marinated and grilled chicken; cole slaw; potato salad; and of course, homemade cherry pie!  It was so much fun to cook a big meal like that, I don’t get to do that nearly enough!

For this month’s Life’s a Charm we decided to make a quilt (imagine that! … our first for “Life’s a Charm”), something easy that could come together in a snap.  We’ve had 16 fat quarters of 30’s reproduction fabric sitting around in our stash for a long time and decided it was high time to do something with it.  So, I cut it up into 5″ charm squares and got 192 squares.  We ended up using most of these squares for this lap quilt.

For those of you making charm squares out of a fat quarter, it is very easy to do.  You will be able to get 3 rows vertically and 4 rows horizontally giving you 12 charm squares.

Here’s how it goes …

“X” Marks the Spot
Finished Size: 50″ x 50″
Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

– 4 color scraps of material for 162 – 5″ squares (this would be equivalent to 5 charm packs);
– 56″ x 56″ piece of batting;
– 56″ x 56″ piece of backing fabric;
– 220″ of binding;
– A 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″ ruler (for cutting your 5″ squares out) – I prefer Creative Grids;
– A 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ ruler – again, Creative Grids; and
– A 6 1/2″ square ruler – of course, Creative Grids;
– Your favorite rotary cutter, cutting mat, sewing machine, iron and ironing board!

Step 1: 
Separate your color scraps and make two groups of two.  So, I put purple and blue together (group 1) and pink and green together (group 2).

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Step 2:
Chain piece your squares together, right sides facing, and sew a quarter inch seam allowance down one side of all your pieces.  Next, sew a quarter inch seam allowance on the opposite side.  Yes, that’s right, just trust me on this one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Step 3:
Using your 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ ruler, cut each square on the diagonal and iron the seam flat.

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Step 4:
Pin your pieces back together, lining up your center point to create an hourglass block and sew together.  Your will need 49 blocks of your first group and 32 blocks of your second group.

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Step 5:
Using your 6 1/2″ square ruler, proof your blocks to 6″ x 6″ squares.

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Cherry Valley Designs Hourglass Quilt

Step 6: 
Iron your seams flat.  Lay your quilt out starting with one color in the center and lay the alternate color around the center block.  Keep alternating colors (around the world) until you have a 9 block x 9 block quilt.  Sew your rows together.  Your quilt top is complete!

I can’t wait to get it on the longarm and get it quilted!  Check back next week for how we quilted this and bound this quilt! … There may even be a tutorial involved!

Until next time!

Playing Around With Colors

Believe it or not I would definitely consider myself a novice when it comes to the Adobe suite of products.  Back in November I faced the stark realization that I needed to make “the switch.”  Thankfully though, Adobe now has a service called Adobe Creative Cloud.  It is, in a word, awesome! I was hesitant at first, but not having the $1,000+ to throw down on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, I decided to give the Creative Cloud, a shot and I am so glad I did.  I specialized in Information Systems with my business degree, so I’m pretty comfortable with the computer.  I was also the “queen of handouts” (an honor bestowed upon me by my supervisor, complete with a certificate … lol) when I was a college math tutor, so I was comfortable making graphics and writing directions.  What is the Creative Cloud?  You pay for it monthly and it houses pretty much the entire suite of Adobe products and then you can download the programs you need … as many as you need!  To me, $50 a month was much more reasonable than the upfront cost of the standalone Adobe products.  The other huge upside is you don’t have to worry about product upgrades and having to pay for those as well.  The upgrades with Creative Cloud run seamlessly through your product and when one arrives, you’re simply notified – it all is included with your subscription cost.  Oh, and you’re getting the professional grade of the Adobe products!

That turned out to be a lot more information than I was planning on saying, but if you are in need of Adobe products I would definitely recommend looking into this and seeing if this would be a good fit for you.

Like I said, I’m still definitely a novice.  I do a lot of trial and error.  The worst is when I get something right and I have no clue how I did it!  Grrrr … does that ever happen to you?  Well, I won’t forget this little trick.  Last night, I was working on proofing some new pictures and I stumbled upon this photo alteration trick.

Do you remember our pattern Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend that I debuted in the spring?  It’s a pretty peach and spring green …

… But look what happens when you change the “hue” using Photoshop?  Oh, the color combinations!

Option #1: Aqua and Purple

Option #2: Two-Toned Green

Option #3: Two-Toned Purple
Option #4: Blue and Green
Option #5: Pink and Peach (My fave!) 

Option #6: Purple and Pink

What’s your favorite “new” color combination?  We’d love to hear!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Shake Your Pom Poms Blog Hop

Welcome to everyone visiting the blog today!  If this is your first time visitingwI hope you kick your feet up and enjoy your stay!  If this isn’t your first time, I’m glad you’re back!  There are some free tutorials on the right hand side of the blog and some other links across the top.  Be sure to stop by our website before you leave … there are other interesting things there including a place to sign up for our monthly newsletter (Hint: You receive a free pattern when you sign up the first time!!).  To learn more about me and my company click here, my patterns are here and you can find out more about my longarm services here!  Again, thanks for stopping by!  We’re glad you’re here!

Sometimes you need to do something just so you can jump out of the box you’re in, and that’s why a month or so ago when I saw this blog hop, I just had to join!  It got me to thinking outside the box … what in the world could I make using pom poms?!?  Hmmmm????  I love flowers … what flowers have large heads on them? … what would be something as cute to make as pom poms themselves?!? DAISIES!  This project was so fun to make and the brighter colors are perfect just in time for summer!

Before my reveal though I just have to thank Madame Samm for organizing these blog hops (year round, I might add!) to give all of us bloggers a chance to “strut our stuff” and the amazing Thearica of Pig Tales and Quilts who cheered us on as we get ready for this blog hop … you did a GREAT job!  Also, a very special shout out of thanks to the sponsors who helped make this blog hop possible!

Without further ado, the project …

Shake Your Pom Poms Blog Hop

You may remember my post from yesterday where I was debating the background and my sketches … well, this is how it turned out!

Shake Your Pom Poms Blog Hop
Some close ups of the fillers behind the appliqued phrase …
Shake Your Pom Poms Blog Hop

Shake Your Pom Poms Blog Hop
And finally the big picture again …
Shake Your Pom Poms Blog Hop

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A Different Spin on Spin Me

When I teach a class, I like to redo my quilts so that I can create a step-by-step PowerPoint for my students to follow along.  Having been interested in the Quilts of Valor program for quite awhile, we decided to recreate the quilts in a patriotic theme.  A few weeks again I taught Spin Me at A Touch of Thread and we made the quilt in a darker color scheme with burgundy, navy and cream.  For the quilting, I chose to use a ribbon meandering all over with sporadic stars that were then highlighted with gold metallic thread.

In class, it was so fun to see everyone’s color schemes.  One lady made it using batiks and it was coming together absolutely stunningly.  Two sisters who were taking the class were going with a tan background and various shades of olive green – just beautiful!  I have to admit that while designing patterns is so much for me, seeing others choices may be even more fun!!

Here’s how ours turned out …

Cherry Valley Designs Spin Me

Cherry Valley Designs Spin Me
Close Up of Back
Cherry Valley Designs Spin Me
Close Up of Front
Cherry Valley Designs Spin Me
Max, our Boxer, with the quilt … he approves ๐Ÿ˜‰

… Now for the binding!

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