Quilts of Valor, Quilt 2

Hi Everyone, I hope your week is off to a great start!  A little housekeeping first, you’ll notice on the left hand side instead of Google Reader we now have two new ways for you to follow our blog – since Google Reader is no longer operating 😦 The first is Google+ and the other is BlogLovin’  Be sure to add yourself so you don’t miss anything!  I have “Learn Google+ on my ‘To Do’ list this week” BUT I do already add new blog posts to my timeline!  So, I figure I’m one step in the right direction, or at least that’s what I tell myself 😉  How many of you have tried Google+? What are your thoughts?  It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t something new in the world of social media!

Moving on I thought I’d share another quilt I worked on for Quilts of Valor.  This quilt was done for the same guild and again was made using scrap materials from donated stashes … what a great way to use those fabrics when we’re “cleaning shop.”  For this quilt, I just did an overall swirl design with outlined stars interspersed.  I probably would do tighter swirls on other projects and use them more as a filler, but I wanted this quilt to be comfy and not stiff from having used a tight design.  The sizing and spacing worked out perfectly and gave me a chance to practice my swirls!

Cherry Valley Designs Quilts of Valor

Cherry Valley Designs Quilts of Valor

Cherry Valley Designs Quilts of Valor
Until next time!

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