Life’s a Charm June: Fun Notebook Cover

This project is so incredibly easy …  it comes together in a snap, literally a few hours!  I think sometimes it’s nice to have a mindless project to just make you feel you accomplished something, at least this is true for me!

This month we simply sewed together 40 mini charms into an 8 by 5 rectangle to create a notebook cover.  How simple is that!  I can so see these for the beginning of school or baby shower gifts for moms-to-be to chronicle their months or just a fun way to scrapbook your family’s summer adventures!

You will simply need a Mead notebook, a mini charm pack, an iron, and your sewing machine – mine broke during this project 😦 so don’t look to closely at my stitching 😉

We cut out red, white and blue fabric from our own stash and then simply sew 8 blocks across horizontally and 5 blocks vertically.

Then fold under twice 1/8″, press down and stitch a straight line to hold your edge down.

Once this is complete, simply use your notebook as a template.  Iron down the top and bottom, then the sides.  Pin the sides down and using a zigzag stitch, stitch along the entire top and bottom at the edge of the cover.


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