Fun with Dying Fabric

Hi Everybody … I thought I’d share a fun experiment my mom and I did a couple of weekends ago.  After quilting this quilt I realized how patterned fabric doesn’t always show the quilting done on the quilt and I was getting antsy to make my own colors.  I am always enamored when I go to knitting stores with the beautiful, vibrant and scrumptious colorways yarn comes in.  This is especially true of Madelinetosh yarn.  Oh, my!  I wish I could find these colors in fabric!

Having absolutely no dying experience in my past and not wanting to jump in with both feet, I decided to go to Hobby Lobby and get an assortment of different dyes, both brands and colors.  I’ve heard the Procion dyes are the best to use, but I would have needed to order these.  I also picked up some Elm Ash while I was there.

My mom and I put on our breathing masks – we were quite a site to be seen on a Saturday night 😉 – then our gloves and got to work.  While the colors are a wee bit bright, it was so fun that a batch we intended to make three swatches out of, we ended up making nine!!!

Cherry Valley Designs Hand Dyed Fabric
Cherry Valley Designs Hand Dyed Fabric

Now that I’ve wet my feet definitely stay tuned for more experiments to come!!!  This was so much fun and I’m looking forward to trying the Procion dyes and different types of fabric!

Have you ever hand dyed your own fabrics?  What did you all think if you did?

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3 thoughts on “Fun with Dying Fabric

  1. These came out good!! You are brave I have wanted to try this for a long time but I chicken out each time!! You could make a rainbow quilt with these that would be so cheerful!

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