Old Fashioned Waffles and Depression Syrup

First, I have to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has visited my blog over the past 6 or so months.  When I decided to start my company I knew I should do a blog, but was more like “ugh, I’ve got to blog, what should I say today.”  But today it’s so much more than just for my business, it’s a place to share cool tips, advice, recipes and so much more … of course, a huge part of this is still business related – quilting!

We passed 10,000 pageviews on Saturday!  Wow! That’s about it … that’s all I can think of to say and thanks!  I can remember when that number was below 100 and I never thought it would budge over three digits.  Now I know that this may not be a big deal to others, but I hope you all know it’s a big deal here.  To celebrate, I’ve signed up to do another giveaway with The Quilting Gallery (I had so much fun with them doing my Autumn Bliss block this past fall doing Michele’s Autumn Block Party, that I decided to do something else!).  So be sure to check back here next Friday for your chance to win!

Onto the recipe …

Does anybody have the same problem I do where you seem to have just too many interests?  Quilting (of course), knitting, gardening, decorating, reading, cooking, genealogy … hmmmm, I’m sure there’s more, but they’re escaping me right now.

Well, lucky for me two of those interests have been easier to pursue thanks to my ancestors, cooking and genealogy.  I have a huge collection of family heirlooms, pictures, and stories that some day I will have the time to organize and scrapbook or make a website out of.

The other thing I have from my ancestors is this amazing collection of recipes.  These come from my maternal and paternal grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and even great grandparents.  It’s been one of my goals to begin going through these and make them.

For the longest time I have tried to find a good waffle recipe so one of the first recipes I made was the waffle recipe from my maternal grandmother.

Then, growing up,  my dad always made this topping when we had waffles and I finally weaseled the recipe out of him!  It’s called Depression Syrup, because my grandparents lived through the Depression and when they didn’t have the money for actual maple syrup they substituted this.  And it doesn’t hurt that when paired with the waffles it’s like eating especially delicious cinnamon rolls … and hello, who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls?!

Old Fashioned Waffles Recipe
First, your ingredients … 

2 cups flour
2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. sugar
2 eggs
1 cup milk
4 tbsp. melted butter
**You may want to double this recipe, as this makes only four waffles.**
First, separate your eggs into two bowls, yolks in the larger of the two bowls and whites in the smaller.  Using electric beaters, beat egg white until stiff peaks form.  This takes about 2 minutes and it helps to put the bowl and beaters in the freezer for about a half an hour before doing this.
Next, beat egg yolks and add flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk, and butter and stir until blended (but don’t over stir).  

Fold in egg whites.

Finally, bake in hot waffle iron.  

Depression SyrupRecipe

This recipe is so stinkin’ easy it’s pathetic … you need 1 cup of sugar, 2 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon and 3/4 cup of water … mix and there you have it … told ya … easy peasy!



Exciting News + Finish It Up Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!  When I saw this fabric earlier this year, Too Many Men by Red Rooster, I knew immediately I had to have it!  It is sooo cute and I’m a sucker for snowmen!  I decided it would be fun to have non-Christmas version of our “The Tree Farm” table runner.  So, here it is all finished up.

Full shot of “The Tree Farm”

Close up of the applique

I’m excited to use it with my own snowman collection and even though it’s getting towards the end of winter, it will be nice for years to come.

Now, onto the exciting news!!!!!  The number one request I receive is for kits to be sold for our patterns.  I thought this would be a nice starting place and I’m excited to announce that we have our first kits available over on our website for this pattern.  We have a very limited number, so make sure to get yours ASAP before we sell out!  You can order here.

So, what do you get when you order a Cherry Valley Designs kit?!  Whenever I used to buy kits I always wished they’d come in boxes so I could keep everything together and not worry about losing anything.  That’s why we chose this white, heavy duty cardboard box to store our kits in.  There’s even a convenient sticker on the front with a mini picture of our pattern cover so you never have to guess which kit you’re picking up!

Inside you’ll find the materials needed for the front of the table runner, binding fabric, and backing fabric along with the pattern.  We ship as soon as we can after receiving an order Priority mail.

A special shout out of thanks to blogs we’ve linked up with today:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mark Your Calendars

Hi Everybody!  I am so excited to announce my Spring teaching schedule at A Touch of Thread!  I will be teaching three classes on three of my designs: Flakey Flannel, Spin Me, and Rose’s Palindrome.  Teaching is one of my favorite things to do, I love meeting new people and seeing the beautiful ways they come up with when making quilts.  So, if you’re in the Central Ohio region check these classes out.  They’re one day classes so you’re in and out!

Cherry Valley Designs Flakey Flannel

Flakey Flannel (March 6, 1pm-5pm OR March 9, 3pm-7pm)

Flakey Flannel is a fun, wintry quilt to snuggle up with!  The snowflakes are three dimensional and add extra cuddliness to the quilt.  You will be required to do some preparation for this class, so be sure to pick up instructions when you sign up!  In this 4 hour class, being taught two separate times, you will have a nearly completed quilt top.  The final quilt measures 78” by 97.” 

Cherry Valley Designs Spin Me

Spin Me (March 27, 1pm-5pm OR March 30, 11am-3pm)

Much like a real pinwheel starts and stops depending on the wind, Spin Me has a random layout of pinwheels creating a similar feel in a quilt!  In this class you will learn a fool proof way for making pinwheels quickly and will have a nearly complete quilt top in 4 hours.  You will be required to do some preparation for this class, so be sure to pick up instructions when you sign up!  The final quilt measures 68” by 85.”

Cherry Valley Designs Rose's Palindrome

Rose’s Palindrome (April 17, 1pm-5pm OR April 20, 2pm-6pm)

Rose’s Palindrome uses the Piece-‘n-Go method (developed in the Cherry Valley Designs studio!) making this quilt come together in a snap.  You will learn from Megan this technique and be well underway to having a finished quilt top.  The final quilt measures 67″ by 76.”

If you’re interested in signing up, A Touch of Thread’s phone number is available on their website
I look forward to seeing you!

Fab Five Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope you all have had a wonderful week filled with lots of love.  It’s been  awhile since I’ve done a Fab Five Friday and there have been some great things I’ve come across that I just can’t keep to myself, LOL 🙂  These are the 5 things I am just in love with right now.

#1: Scent Bar’s Blush Lotion from Target: Oh my, this lotion is amazing.  The smell is fresh with a touch of floral.  I use some of this on my arms and the scent stays with me all day, it’s like having a light mist of perfume on.  I am in love with the Blush scent, but there are some many other tempting choices.  So, next time you’re in Target make sure you look for this … you won’t be disappointed!

#2:  New Plants:  When I moved into an apartment several years ago a dear friend of mine gave me a basket filled with five different plants.  Since then I have grown attached to having plants in my home, they give it life and natural color.  So, this week when I went to our local nursery and they were brimming with new house plants, I was brimming with excitement.  I rarely buy plants, but I just could not resist especially since all of my other plants are green.  Aren’t these colors just to die for?!?

P.S. Beware of any plants in your home that your furry friends may find toxic.  ASPCA has a great list compiled on their site of toxic plants for cats and toxic plants for dogs.  When I got home I discovered some of the plants I had gotten are in fact toxic and have placed them on a high, high shelf away from curious whiskers!

#3: Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine:  I’ve been wanting to get an issue of this magazine for quite a while and finally broke down and bought it last week.  So far I’ve looked through the magazine from front to back and have read 3 articles.  All the articles I’ve read so far have been packed with lots of tips and advice.  If you machine quilt on either your home machine or a long arm, this magazine has a wealth of information … I definitely recommend it!

#4: Clinique All About Eyes Concealer: For years I have used the same under eye concealer and been perfectly satisfied.  However, the last time I was at the makeup counter I was lured into buying this product from Clinique.  I am really happy I succumbed to temptation!  This not only covers my dark circles (thank you Grandma!), but also brightens my under eye! I really have no complaints about this product so far and I use such a tiny amount the tube will probably last me the rest of my life, LOL!

#5: Pinterest: Okay, I know this is old news, but seriously how awesome is Pinterest?! Every time I get on there it’s like entering my own personal happy zone 🙂  If you don’t already follow me I’d love to see you over there and follow you, too!  Click here if you’d like to connect on Pinterest!

What are you in love with this week?  Any new finds or great gifts yesterday?

Have a great weekend!

Life’s A Charm: Valentine’s Mug Rugs

Hello Everybody, I’m finally starting to feel back in the swing of things and it’s a good thing since it’s that time again for “Life’s A Charm,” our monthly series where we create a quick pattern using either a mini charm pack or charm pack.  Last month, we featured a table topper with nothing other than snowflakes, check it out here.  I’d also like to welcome visitors from the linky parties we’re participating in today:

February is all about love and what better way to share something with the one you love than over a hot cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa … you get the idea.  There is one way to make it better, by using matching mug rugs featuring a pieced heart in the corner!  This month’s “Life’s a Charm” is a pattern for two matching Valentine’s Mug Rugs.  This has to be one of my favorite projects I’ve ever made and I love using my mug rug, it’s such a nice addition to my desk.
Valentines Mug Rugs
What You’ll Need:
  • (1) Mini Charm Pack (we used Odds and Ends by Cosmo Cricket)
  • (1) scrap of cream fabric (we used a 10″ x 10″ extra from a layer cake and had plenty left over)
  • (2) 8″ x 12″ pieces of batting
  • (2) 8″ x 12″ pieces of backing fabric
  • (2) 2 1/2″ x 50″ pieces of binding
  • A ruler with a 45 degree angle such as this one
Step 1: We’re going to start by assembling the pieced heart blocks. You will need to cut

  • A – 6 red mini charm pieces into (24) 1″ x 1″ squares; 
  • B – 2 red mini charm pieces into (4) 1″ x 2″ strips; 
  • C – 1 red mini charm piece into (2) 1″ x 2 1/2″ strips; and 
  • D – 1 red mini charm piece into (2) 1″ x 1 1/2″ strips.  

From your cream scrap fabric, cut

  • E – (12) 2 1/2″ x 1″ strips; 
  • F – (10) 1 1/2″ x 1″ strips; 
  • G – (4) 1″ x 1″ squares; and 
  • H – 2″ x 1″ strips.

Step 2: Next it will be helpful to lay your hearts out with all the pieces where they should be.  In the order listed below (from left to right), lay out your rows.  You can see from the picture below how I did mine.

  • Row 1: E -> E
  • Row 2: F -> A -> A -> A -> F -> A -> A -> A-> F 
  • Row 3: G -> B -> B -> G
  • Row 4: F -> A -> C -> A -> F
  • Row 5: H -> A -> D -> A -> H
  • Row 6: E -> A -> A -> E
  • Row 7: E -> E
Step 3: Rows 2, 4, 5, and 6 all have half square triangles to create “curved” edges of the heart.  This is when you will need a ruler with a 45 degree angle.  For Row 2, place the first F and A right sides together, and mark a 45 degree line on the red fabric’s back side from the upper right hand corner diagonally towards the bottom left hand corner (see Picture 1 below).  Next, using the center F piece mark the same as previously stated with the right side A piece.  Sew both pieces and press towards red fabric.  Cut off excess fabric on back side so there is 1/4″ seam (see Picture 2 below).
Finishing Row 2, place the left side of the center F piece and mark a 45 degree angle from the upper left hand corner diagonally towards the bottom right hand corner (see Picture 3 below).  Repeat with final A and F pieces. Sew both pieces and press towards red fabric.  Cut off excess fabric on back side so there is 1/4″ seam (see Picture 2 below).

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 

Step 4: For rows 4, 5, and 6, the left hand side of the heart’s angles will all be the same and the right hand side of the heart’s angles will all be the same.  For the left hand side place red fabric right side together with cream fabric and draw a 45 degree angle from the upper left hand corner diagonally to the lower right hand corner on the back side of the red fabric.  Sew both pieces and press towards red fabric.  Cut off excess fabric on back side so there is 1/4″ seam.

For the right hand side place red fabric right side together with cream fabric and draw a 45 degree angle from the upper right hand side to the lower left hand side on the back side of the red fabric.  Sew both pieces and press towards red fabric.  Cut off excess fabric on back side so there a 1/4″ seam.  Once complete lay out your rows with angled pieces in place.

Step 5: Sew your rows together and your pieced hearts are complete. Next lay out the rest of your mug rug pieces and arrange as desired.  Row 1 will consist of 5 mini charm pack pieces; rows 2 and 3 will consist of 3 pieces across, finished with the pieced heart block.

Step 6: Sew all pieces across for rows 1, 2 and 3.

Step 7: Finish by sewing pieced rows 2 to 3, then sew to the pieced heart block.  You will need to proof this piece to 4″ wide!  Finally sew row 1 to rows 2 and 3.  Quilt and bind as desired, your mug rugs are complete!

Hope you enjoy making and using these, thanks for stopping by!