Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday Everyone!  I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but today is an exception.  Yesterday we had quite a bit of snow and I’m one of those people who L-O-V-E snow!  Is anyone else out there like me?  We haven’t had one bit of snow here in central Ohio and everyone’s been complaining that it just doesn’t feel like Christmas, but we got it just in the nick of time!

We got much more than was forecasted and mid afternoon yesterday I took a break from work and went out with our pups to romp in the snow …

Izzie and Brinkley really got into catching snowballs, does anyone else’s dogs do this?  It was hilarious!  They loved chomping down on the fresh snow.  

In addition this week I’ve gotten three big things crossed off my “To Do” list and feel so much better.  I finally feel like I’m ready for 2013 and to move onto new patterns! Yay!

One of the things is that we now have are PDF versions of all of our patterns available on our website!  This means as soon as you order one of these patterns they will be delivered to your e-mail and there is no waiting for shipping!  Be sure to check it out here!

Until Next Time!


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