Glorious Autumn Block Party

Hello Everyone!  I am so glad you are here!  My name is Megan and you can learn more about me on today’s Quilting Gallery post and on my website here.  As part of the Quilting Gallery’s Glorious Autumn Block Party, I will be showing you how to make my block, “Autumn Bliss.”  You can download a PDF version of the instructions here or follow my picture/video tutorial here on this post!

Some things to mention before getting started:

  • Don’t forget to check out the Quilter’s Super deal on the Quilting Gallery, too!  You don’t want to miss that!
  • Check out the Flickr group with even more pictures and inspiration from the Block Party!
  • Don’t forget to check out the other 2 uber-talented designers this week, Mishka herself of the Quilting Gallery on Wednesday and Cara Quilts on Thursday who also hosts the awesome Talkin’ Tuesdays on Twitter!  This is a “Don’t Miss Week!”
  • Finally, keep checking the Glorious Autumn Block Party’s headquarters to keep up-to-date on all the latest happenings!  I just can’t thank Michelle enough for hosting and organizing such a great event!!  She has done an awesome job!

Now to the tutorial!! …

You will need:

  • 12-1/2″ square of green fabric
  • 4 scraps of brown fabric
  • A scrap of dark gold fabric
  • A scrap of light gold fabric
  • Applique materials including a fusible product, applique glue and coordinating thread

Step 1:  Cut out (36) 1-1/2″ squares from a variety of the brown scraps of fabric.  Follow the pictures below for the order in which to piece the squares together.

All 36 squares at the beginning
Work in rows from left to right and sew 2 squares at a time.
What it looks like after you’ve sewn each 2 squares together.

Sew the pieces from above so you have 3 rows.
Sew the 3 rows together so you now have a 6 by 6 block of squares.  This will be used for the center of your sunflower.

Step 2: Using the circle template included in the pattern, draw a circle on the brown squares from Step 1 using a marking pen, pencil or chalk (I used chalk to draw mine) and cut the circle out.  This is your sunflower’s center!  Set aside to use later.

The circle template laying over the brown squares.

Drawing the circle with a chalk “pen.”

The finished sunflower center!

Step 3: Using a fusible product (I use Heat ‘N Bond Lite – you can read my favorite applique method here) draw the flat petal pattern (see PDF directions at the top of this post) and cut out 10 dark gold, flat petals and adhere fusing to only the petals! Cut out petals and set aside. 

Petals drawn on my Heat ‘N Bond

Step 4: Cut out 10 of the light gold petals (see diagrams in PDF pattern).  For these, simply trace the petal directly onto the fabric with a marking pen.  Then, to make the petals ruffled watch the video below.  (This is the first video I have ever made and I apologize for it being a bit blurry, but you can still learn the technique!)

Step 5: Find the center of the 12-1/2″ green square by drawing a line 6-1/4″ down the middle and then another line 6-1/4″ perpendicularly with marking pen, pencil or chalk. It should look like a “+” sign.  Folding your circle template in quarters line the center of the circle with the center of the block.  See pictures below.

The “+” sign.
Folding the circle template in half twice and lining up the 2 centers.

Unfolding the circle to trace around it.

The finished, traced circle.

Step 6: Lay dark yellow, flat petals on the circle about 1/4″ in with fusing facing down.  Once you have all 10 petals around the circle and are satisfied with how they look, press them down and applique with a blanket stitch using coordinating thread.  See pictures below.

Notice the petals set inside the circle.

Lay petals out before pressing down to make sure they all fit and you like their placement.

The petals with their blanket stitch.  Notice that I did not sew down the inside straight part, since this will be covered by the sunflower center.

Step 7:  Using applique glue secure ruffled petals down in between dark gold petals.  Then sew down using a blanket stitch in a coordinating color.  See pictures below.

Lay ruffled petals in between flat petals.
Make sure all your ruffled petals fit and secure using applique glue before proceeding to sew them down.
Using a blanket stitch with a coordinating thread color, sew petals down.  Again, you do not need to sew the “inside” of the petals as these will be covered with the sunflower’s center.

Step 8: You’re almost there.  Using applique glue again, secure the brown center and sew down using a blanket stitch and coordinating thread.  See pictures below.  Good job!  Your block is done!

Using applique glue and let dry before sewing down in the center of all the petals.
After you have sewn the center down using a blanket stitch and coordinating thread, your block is done! Congratulations!

To celebrate our block hop, we having a fantastic giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive a spool of Aurifil thread (love this thread!), a bundle of 19(!) fat quarters of Buggy Barn fabric and one of our new fall patterns – Rose’s Palindrome!

There are 4 different chances to win (so if you do all 4 of these things, your name will be entered 4 times!):

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post stating your name, where you live and which of our new patterns is your favorite from our site (you can click here to see our shop).
  2. Follow us on Twitter!
  3. Friend us on Facebook!
  4. Sign up for our newsletter on our homepage.

Contest will end Tuesday, November 27 at 8pm EST.  Winner will be chosen at random and announced Wednesday, November 28.

Thanks again for visiting and be sure to keep checking back!

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  1. Hi,I'm Truus living in the Netherlands,and I do like your tutorial of the Sunflower.My favorite pattern is The Tree Farm.I signed in for the newsletter,but I don't have twitter or FB.have a nice day and thanks for sharing.

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