Checking In

Mr. Brinkley-Cooper wanted a quick shout out to say “Hi” to everyone, so I caved!

Hi Everybody!  The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy and full of exciting things!  What have I been up to? Well … Let’s see …

1)  Working with my web designer on website prototypes …

2)  Pulling out some unfinished projects to work on and post about here very shortly …

3)  Finishing up my 4 class series to rent long arm quilt time at A Touch of Thread.  Yep, I have 3 quilts finished and ready to photograph … wahoo …

4)  Dealing with the headache of a broken camera 😦 …

5)  Knitting like a crazy woman and working on my final project for class …

In the process of our final project … a scarf for my mom.
A close up of the other side.  Isn’t the pattern they created for our final project beautiful?

6)  Tweeting for the first time in Talkin’ Tuesdays last night, which was … ummmm … a total BLAST!  Can’t wait for next week!

7)  Taking an impromptu trip back to Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) and looking at houses, because yes, as if we didn’t have enough madness we’re in the process of moving, and oh yes preparing for a massive Yard Sale next weekend … ALL weekend!  Wish us luck!

Driving through the mountains on our way back.

So, what have you been doing as summer is coming to a close?  Any fun plans for Labor Day weekend?


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